5 Things You Should Know About Backgammon

If you are backgammon professional, a novice, or just someone curious about the backgammon, here are some points to help you out. Here are five things you probably know about backgammon (but you may have forgotten). Let the following help refresh your memory.

  • Trivia 1: Did you know that backgammon is believed to have come from different variants of ancient games in ancient civilizations? Yup, it’s true. Archeologists dug out remnants of 3 x 10 squares in ancient Egyptian communities believed to have been used in a game called Senet or the Game of Thirty Squares. Senet or Senat to others is actually an older version of another ancient game called Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum that has the same or nearly the similar rules as modern day backgammon.
  • Trivia 2: The name backgammon itself is still a subject of debate. Some believe that backgammon originated from the Saxon words “bac” which means back and “gamen” meaning game. Others assert that backgammon came from the Welsh words of “back” or little and “gammon” meaning battle. Whether it be from any of these words, it’s still quite interesting to know backgammon had so much rich history.
  • Trivia 3: Do you have any idea how many names the game of backgammon presently possesses? It’s quite surprising to know that our beloved game has varying names for different countries. In Israel and Arabia backgammon is called Shesh Besh, in French it’s Tric-Trac, in German it’s Puff, in Spain it’s Tablas Reales, in Italy it’s Tavole Reale, in Scotland its called gammon and in England its backgammon. Who would’ve known one game had so many names.
  • Trivia 4: Those of you who are veteran players probably already know this but for those of you who don’t here’s what the Woolsey’s Law of doubling says: “Put yourself in your opponent’s shoes. If you would even think of dropping if doubled, then it must be a good double.” If you can double with minimal or no cost then you should double. As Woolsey says: “If you never turn the cube, you never give your opponent a chance to make a mistake.”
  • Trivia 5: Since we are already in the topic of doubling might as well continue. Experts say that doubling is the key in playing backgammon. Winning backgammon would not be impossible if you drop a cube, but you just cannot take cubes if you’re lagging behind. One suggestion: bear in mind Woolsey’s Law and double whenever you think the numbers are with you. If there is no risk in doubling then double at will.

Many more interesting facts exist about our favorite backgammon. Surely you can find them out for yourself. Armed with new information, you can even more enjoy playing backgammon.

Backgammon is one of the oldest games, it is the oldest recorded game in history, originated in Mesopotamia.

After a while the opening backgammon moves will be second nature to you, but as a beginner you always want to give yourself the best chance by playing the correct opening moves. Never rush your turn and also never move a checker before knowing where the second checker will go.


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