A Look at the Backgammon Board

For more than five thousand years, the layout of the backgammon board has not undergone any major change; the fundamental layout and design has been the same all throughout. Of course, the equipment used for the backgammon board has been changed and today the game has an online version, so that the graphics are far better than, perhaps, the conventional board, but there is no denying that the board of backgammon is still the original board utilized at the onset.

The materials utilized in creating the board, whether made out of wood, or card board, or hand crafted timber, or add-ons (such as cotton or velvet, that provide additional padding at the bottom of the board for improved surfacing), or creative woodworks to put more glitter to the playing environment, the playing surface has not been modified.

The history of the board is still intact; following the origin of the board will take you on a trip that transcends through various decades and eras.

The structure of the board has four recognizable quadrants and a thick pointed bar located at the center dividing the two boards of the opposing players.

Bear in mind that the game of backgammon resembles a war with two competing armies, composed of fifteen men each, attempting to beat one another in an open war game; a good method of illustrating this picture is with the two divisions making up the points, which resembles the head of a spear pointing at the enemy. Between them is located the bar.

The board is split into four quadrants consisting of six triangles per quadrant, with its unique colors to distinguish it from itself, and split into two by the bar. Each division has two quadrants. Both sides of the bar are called the "Home Board" of the opposing players. The Home Board is the one closest to you and the one that is furthest from your vantage point is the Outer Board. The same layout holds true for the board of your opponent.

Bear in mind that the bar not only separates you from your opponent but it is, likewise, the location where the checker is placed when hit. The checker cannot move unless the appropriate number is rolled.

While backgammon boards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, as well as various materials accessible online, the basic board of backgammon has not been modified for more than five thousand years, and possibly never will.

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