Have you heard of professionals who make money from horse racing betting? These are the 1% of punters in the horse gambling industry who have the right knowledge of horse betting to make consistent profits. Most punters bet with their feelings and superstitions, and always end up making a loss in the long run. Before you can make any money from horse racing, you must first understand the basics of horse racing betting.

In order to make money from horse racing betting, you need a proven horse racing system. There are systems of many types today that can involve backing, laying, hedging and arbitrage. They typically analyze factors like horse form, trainer and jockey statistics, lane draw, distance and going of the ground. But before you think about buying a horse racing system, make sure that it is backed by a money back guarantee. Having tested many horse racing systems myself, I already know that nearly 95% of them are useless and not worth the time.

Horse racing betting usually involves finding winning bets at a higher value. The better horse racing systems usually rely on outcomes that are very likely to occur, like picking the winning horses in races. There are other ways of betting, like laying horses, but I have found them to be more risky and less profitable.

There are other sports that can be very profitable if the correct system is used. Greyhound racing is another sport where systems and software applications are used to make massive profits. Football betting is yet another sport that many punters take advantage of their own knowledge of the game.

It is possible to generate a consistent monthly income if you have the right horse racing betting strategy though. There are many different styles of horse betting strategies, and it is your choice to choose the one that fits you. One horse racing software that I am using now combines a profitable horse racing system with an automatic betting software.