Backgammon strategies

Backgammon is one of the oldest games which was ever played and it has a significant history. It is still one of the gamblers’ favorite one. Many centuries ago it has been played in wood surfaces, using bones or stones for markers and dice. At that time it was played only by the aristocracy as an entertainment. Later on, many people started playing online backgammon even for money in several places; specific bars were available particularly for this board game. More and more gamblers have become interested in it and wanted to learn new techniques and exceptional Backgammon strategies so that they could improve their skills. Due to development of technology, you are given the chance to play this exciting board game online as well. You only need a pc which is connected to the internet and you can freely begin playing Backgammon against the computer or even against other people from around the World.

We can say that this board game is a combination of luck and skills; because it isn’t depending only on the roll of dices, but it requires a wise thinking and calculation of moves. A player needs to move his checkers in such a way that things turn out to be at his advantage.

When it comes to backgammon strategies, there are some beneficial combination of moves and techniques which allow you to improve the process of your game. That’s why we are here for: to enlighten you about some important tips and Backgammon strategies.

First of all, you need to know the main rules of this game, because otherwise you are not able to put the different advantageous moves into practice. Knowing how to handle your checkers and what are the beneficial steps you need to make require certain skills. Besides, it’s obvious that the more you play the more experience you are gaining.

So, whenever you just have the opportunity, take advantage of it to the fullest so that you can improve your gambling skills and possess the right knowledge.

Let’s now speak about specific Backgammon strategies in order to enlighten you about how you can benefit of an amazing outcome. Before we mention them, we would like to recommend you to play Backgammon for fun at first, and then for money. You have to get used to these before you can play for real cash.

So, there are 5 main Backgammon strategies which you can apply during your game, but only at the right time. These are the following:

  1. 1. The holding game strategy;
  2. 2. The running game strategy;
  3. 3. The back game strategy;
  4. 4. The priming game strategy;
  5. 5. The backgammon blitz.

Now we will take them separately and provide you a guiding on what each is consisting of.

  • The holding game strategy: One of the basic facts which this strategy is focusing on is the way your opponent distributes his checkers. Then, when applying it, it is advisable for you to keep your eye on a point situated at your opponent’s inner board or on the bar point. In these circumstances you will be supplied with the best opportunities of hitting his checkers while he is building his home board. These places (the bar point and the 20 point) are the best positions for such proceedings.
  • The running game strategy: This happens when focusing on taking off your checkers as soon as possible after you have your checkers in your inner board. Pay attention to the positions of your checkers when you are about to bear off; you need to consider whether it is beneficial for you to apply this strategy or not.
  • The back game strategy: This type of strategy is not quite easy to apply, because mainly it is depending on luck, especially on the roll of dice. This strategy’s main purpose is to make your opponent leaving blots (a single checker on a point), so that you can hit these and also try not to let him bearing in his checkers. You need to focus on making several anchors on your home board of your opponent.
  • The priming game strategy: First of all, you need to understand what a prime is. In backgammon, you do a prime whenever you are blocking your opponent’s checkers by making as many points as possible. The aim of the priming backgammon strategy is to make your opponent’s moving situations as hard as possible and hit his blots.
  • The backgammon blitz: Applying this strategy during your Backgammon game is advantageous for you, as you have the chance to close out your opponent’s checkers as you occupy your inner board completely, consisting of 6 points. By the time you are bringing your pieces into your inner board, you can maintain your opponent’s checkers on the bar. It’s vital to mention that the Backgammon blitz isn’t that beneficial for you in case your opponent has almost the same point values that you have. You are required to be in advance in order to use this technique.

You need to have experience in Backgammon at a specific degree so that you can apply the most appropriate strategy at the right time. The real secret of an advantageous Backgammon playing is that you have to pay a great attention and realize what the particular strategy is that your opponent is using so that you can apply the opposite one.

This game’s rules aren’t difficult to learn and get used to them, all you need is some free time and patience. Then, you make yourself comfortable and play online Backgammon for fun at first; and afterwards you can begin having great time for real money as well. Just do not hurry and take your time when you are about to put into practice some Backgammon strategies. Have fun!


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