Artificial Online backgammon

Artificial Intelligence does not stop only at backgammon and it can be used by vicious elements in online poker rooms, baccarat and other card or table games, which require high knowledge of probabilities. At blackjack, for example, a player who has the ability to memorize the cards has an enormous advantage, which online casinos would love to have.

Online backgammon players cannot be to sure who they are playing against these days. There's nothing fair in playing against a man made opponent, it is a way of cheating – using improper methods for winning, such as programming an efficient backgammon player.

Online backgammon sites are familiar with the problem but little they can do about it. "There is no way for us to know who is a genuine human player an who isn't, that's the "catch 22" of the Internet, but if you would detect a player who wins more then usual, or a new member who collect the pot every time he plays, you might give him a call."