Tips for Advanced Backgammon Players

Are you a seasoned backgammon player? Have you ever kicked someone’s behind in backgammon and ate his or her head for dinner? If you feel like you are all of these and think you have learned all that you can in backgammon, well think again. Even masters need practice. Even the professionals need a little help from time to time. I give you some tips, or even reminders, if you may, in playing backgammon. I got this from the most experienced backgammon players and I hope you learn something from them.

If you have been playing backgammon for years, even decades, and not know where the term backgammon was derived from, then dude there’s something awfully wrong with you. The term backgammon is said to have been derived from either the Welsh or the Saxons. Some say backgammon came from the Welsh term “bac” which means little and “gammon” or battle. Others contend that it came from the Saxon “bac” or back and “gamen” meaning game.

It is quite interesting to note that backgammon has been and still is called by many names in different parts of the world. Ancient Romans call it Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum; Ancient Egyptian civilizations call it Senet or the Game of Thirty Squares. Modern day French players call it Tric-Trac, Germans call it Puff, and Israelis call it Shesh Besh and many others. Whatever the name is the game play is still the same and rules still apply. I give you some practical but advanced tips in playing backgammon.

  • Tip 1: Begin with the end in mind. This does not only mean you envisioning yourself as the ultimate backgammon champ. That helps too but the important thing is that you have a game plan. Try to play backgammon in your head first. Think of what you want the moves and situation to be. Try to make that happen. Of course, you would know nothing ever happens the way you want them to, especially in backgammon, but the important thing is to plan and be flexible with your plan.
  • Tip 2: If you are forced to abandon a shot, place the checkers where it will be most beneficial to you. Try to work around the areas you find difficulty in. Think of the next move you could possibly do given the situation.
  • Tip 3: Follow Woolsey’s Law regarding doubling. Think of what your opponent will do if you double. If you think your opponent would even think of dropping when doubled then it must be one good double. Take the chance; even if he takes it, you know you have a good double. When in doubt think that not doubling will never give the opponent a chance to make mistakes. We all know that we want our nemesis to make as many mistakes as possible.

I hope you learned something that will help you win in backgammon. Just remember not to think of yourself too much and never underestimate the opponent. Believe all things are possible.

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