Backgammon Pieces

The pieces that are used in backgammon games are similar to the pieces in checkers. Sometimes,in fact, the pieces used in backgammon are the exact same as those used in checkers. However, you can also find pieces that are intended only for this game and these usually go with backgammon boards.

Backgammon pieces are usually made from plastic, wood or metal. The plastic pieces are usually purchased with cardboard or plastic boards. The wooden or metallic pieces are usually made by craftsmen and are more expensive to buy than machine-made pieces.

There are also backgammon pieces with small magnets attached to them. These pieces are specially made for handheld, magnetic boards that are small enough to be carried anywhere. If you are a person who travels or commutes a lot, these magnetic sets allow you to play backgammon without worrying about lost pieces and mistakes brought about by sudden movements.

And don't forget the backgammon boards that come along with the pieces. Without a backgammon board, those pieces would be useless, and vice versa. There are many kinds of boards made from cardboard, wood, metal or plastic. Choose the boards and pieces suitable to your own needs and tastes. If you can afford to buy those sturdy but expensive backgammon sets, then by all means do so. A backgammon board that offers unlimited hours of playing fun and enjoyment would be a wise investment for serious players.

If you can buy backgammon boards and pieces for yourself, then why not buy one for a friend? Special, handcrafted boards and pieces are a great gift idea, and a really unique one. Few people nowadays, even those who love to play poker online, have ever given someone or received a backgammon set as a gift. Even die-hard players would appreciate a cheap, plastic backgammon set especially if it came from a friend. You can even personalize these sets by paying a craftsman to engrave the name of your recipient on the backgammon set you want to give to a friend.

It's not that difficult to find backgammon board and pieces for yourself and your loved ones. You can go to any toy store or department store and choose from the wide range of backgammon sets available. For handcrafted sets, you can find them in furniture shops and hobby craft stores. If you can't find the set you're looking for, you can visit any of the online stores offering backgammon boards and pieces for sale.

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