Backgammon Guidelines

A serious Backgammon player might want to consider the following tips. These guidelines can help aspiring players in any given situation.

1. After your opponent does an anchor in advance it is now important that you make an anchor as well. Your opponent can put you into real defense after he or she make a bolder move.

2. Let us say that you are already behind the race, it will often not hurt you more if you will be put behind further. If this is your position, now is the time that you should hit, this can be a perfect timing and turn the tide of the game.

3. Let us say that this time you are ahead of the race. You should break any contact with anything. Then all you have to think about is race, race for your advantage. Get to the finish line as quickly as possible.

4. It is not appropriate to abandon your anchor even if you are already behind the race. You must wait for your perfect timing and you might still have a chance to win with the right shot.

5. If you are in doubt, sometimes hitting is the best thing to do, especially if you are on your opponent's side, this can make a very big difference in your game.

6. If you are waiting for your perfect shot and still behind the race, build some points and slot in your board in the right order.

7. If you want to extend your primes always slot. 6 points primes are special, especially if you already have few checkers left to work your way.

8. If you want to consider doing a double know that for every 2 gammons that you thought that you will lose, remember that you still have 1 more game to work it all out. This depends on your match score, of course.

9. If you want to consider doing a double, you should know that you are able to have 25% chance to win the game. Provided you have little risk in gammon just to break even. This depends on your match score as well. If you are behind the race be a little more aggressive in your game, and if you are ahead of the game try to be conservative.

10. If you want to save a gammon you can bear in your 6 points and then crossover if possible. Before your last roll, make the best play that lets you save as many gammons as often as you can.

11. If you are in a situation of prime vs. prime, always make the best play that lets casino players have the high number on his or her roll.

12. At an early stage of your game fight for equality, fight for the 5 points and 4 points on either side of the board. These are very strategic points.